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GLOW Light Art Festival: we are moved by light in Eindhoven

On the occasion of the GLOW Light Art Festival, Festi Group is bringing the Porte Celesti project to Eindhoven. Under the theme ‘Moved by Light’, the festival will run from 6-13 November 2021.

The theme of this edition has been chosen because light both moves us and enables us to move. It touches the heart and enables us to see. It sends the spirits soaring over the four areas hosting the light art works.

Valerio Festi, in collaboration with Festi Group, wants us to stop ourselves in front of the light, and inside of it. 

Saying it in Valerio’s words: “It is perfect, necessary, useful: to observe light as an enormous, aesthetic phenomenon. The beauty that we discover, that invades us, becomes absolute thanks to the light. Eindhoven is the place that gives me the chance to do it right”

Each of the areas hosting the festival has a distinct identity – architecture, history, people, character – that lends itself to doing things that cannot be done elsewhere in the city or in Eindhoven’s centre.


GLOW 2021 is going to start! Come and visit our Porte Celesti, our light gates made of architectural illuminations redefining the urban map of the city.