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Wonder is our aim

Every city encloses another, invisible one, built on memoires, stories and the experiences of those who have lived there. It is in this secret space, in the heart of the community, that the seeds of celebration flourish. Our inventive powers are nourished and our imagination generates a series of images in a display that brings to life, for one night, the wonders of a parallel world.  The dreams on the city become tangible visions, architectural illuminations, startling apparitions taking flight to lighten every heavy heart, bestowing the joy of understanding, learning and remembering. During these celebrations it is not enough to suspend disbelief. We have to surrender to the rules of a time when there were no rules, and our eyes widen to take in what they have never seen before.

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The dream of Assol

saint petersburg-Russia
At the fleeting moment as the sun sets, this event took place as part of the Scarlet Sails celebration. A event deeply imbedded in the Russian psyche it attracted over a million, mainly young, partecipants to celebrate the end of the school year. The event was transmitted live in Russia on Canale 5 Russia to 100 million viewers.

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Solitaria di Dio – 390° Festino di Santa Rosalia


For 390 years, in Palermo, a great scenic battle has taken place between good and evil, between life and death. In the evening of 14 July, the city wakes from its lethargy and starts to fight. Each strike is enthusiastic, committed, with a sense of belonging and a yearning for beauty. After the trials of blood and pestilence, light will triumph, the same light that illuminates the Foro Italico and that every soldier eager for peace, after the long journey down the Cassaro, Palermo’s most ancient street, will enjoy with his head held high.
The 390th Festino di Santa Rosalia, as in the past, was charged with emotional intensity, captured on video by Riccardo Lupo for Studio Festi by MyMoon.
This gives us the chance to see the spectacular all-female “Solitaria di Dio”, devised by the art director, Monica Maimone, where, among the many “Rosalie” thousands of beguiling faces of the Palermitani can be seen.

Circle of light international festival


A huge celebration in Moscow, the second Circle of Light, An International Festival of Light, lasted for five days, and gave new life to the historic buildings of the city, from Red Square to Gorky Park.
The opening event of the festival, produced by Studio Festi, was designed to give “energy to life”. A display of lights, music and colour invited the public to “change its view of the world, of art, beauty and culture”.


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Smart night – the city on the move


Piazza Maggiore was transformed into an open-air stage, where a variety of the city’s languages, dance, music, and performance intermingled wildly.
The event, devoted to the languages of the city, brought the latest and most avantgard expressions of an emerging urban culture to the attention of the Italian public. For the first time the most representative North American and African groups were included.


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From the Renaissance to the Baroque – XX Winter Olimpic Games


At the opening ceremony of the 20th Winter Olympics in Turin, Valerio Festi and Monica Maimone staged a highly imaginative, touching and unusual presentation of Italian culture and aesthetics, emerging from the most fertile period of creativity, the taste and culture of a millenium. At the heart of the show, the event presented Italy to an audience of more than a million spectators and is remembered as a milestone in the production of events destined for an international audience. The Italian art of celebration was reborn, from the utopia of the Renaissance to the wonder of the Baroque. The Olympic stadium in Turin was transformed into an enormous theatre: fantastical displays and extraordinary scenic inventions in the open air. It was a celebration of Italian beauty, art and passion, of a rich history of artists and their masterpieces. History and culture celebrated through play, comedy and “capriccio”, in a series of images, actions, music and choreography. A celelebration that made clear that its aim was wonder.

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The Beauty of Harmony


To start the 100 day count down to the opening of the Beijing Olympics, with the arrival of the Olympic torch on Chinese territory, the Macao government wanted a suitably impressive celebration. Held on the waters of Nam Van Lake it promoted an alternative image, far removed from Macao’s fame as a casino city.


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Roma, città dell’acqua


On the summer solstice, more than 100,000 people took part in a festa in Piazza del Popolo, sponsored by Acea for the third year running. The event, set up on the slopes of the Pincio as it was the first time, presented the beauties of Rome and the fountains of the city.


Ensaio sobre a beleza

Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

Studio Festi, with the sponsorship of TIM, and the support of the City of Rio de Janeiro and the Italian Embassy in Brasil, had the honour of opening the Momento Italia Brasile. The event, Ensaio sobre a beleza, took place on the Praça Floriano, in front of the Teatro Municipal di Rio de Janeiro and was greeted enthusiastically by the media throughout Brasil.


Robe Lumière – Galeries Lafayette


For more than two months Paris after dark was illuminated by the “Robe Lumière”, an original light project designed by Valerio Festi. While elsewhere streets were filled with standard Christmas decorations the Galeries Lafayette boasted a grand project, a luminous raiment that transformed the monumental shop façade into a magnificent costume gown, a work of magic. The Galeries Lafayette Light Architecture became an icon of the Paris Christmas, admired by millions.


Lux gulgebit – Restoration of St Peter’s facade


In the presence of Papa Giovanni Paolo II, the Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Valerio Festi and Myung-Whun Chung, conducting the Orchestra of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, there was a magnificant firework display with all the splendour of a baroque festa to celebrate the restoration of the facade of St Peter’s. 100.000 spectators and an audience of 1.000.000 for live television.
100.000 spettatori e 1.000.000 l’audience della diretta televisiva.


Il magnifico apparato – 373° Festino di Santa Rosalia


A splendid theatre of light was set up, reviving the baroque festive spirit, within the grounds of Villa Giulia, and creating an unrivalled illumination for 373rd Festino di Santa Rosalia. A message of Light against the darkness of Plague whenever.


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The sun at midnight – Tokyo Millenario


A blaze of baroque light from a construction receiving light from light , the first sun of the new millennium. The sun of the third millennium: Tokyo’s gaze is fixed ever higher and ever further away.



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The light, the life


A display that conquered millions, devised by the creative genius of Valerio Festi. Lights, colour and sparkling embroideries, framed in a long tunnel that moves towards the east, towards the light, hope and life. The event was commemorated with a special edition of stamps. Valerio Festi’s light installations at Kobe was an event that over time acquired considerable communicative power as it transmitted an authentic message of rebirth. In only 14 days, for 4 hours a day, more than 7 million people walked though the geometrical lighting. People came from all over to see the display that transformed the city. The Kobe Illuminations gave tangible foundation to a new City ceremonial, the Memorial day, recognised by the local council and by the central government as a way of marking the city’s path to recovery after the earthquake.

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Journey to Christmas


In Moscow, for the first edition of the International Christmas Lights Festival, Valerio Festi designed three Architecture of Light installations in the streets and squares of the city centre: in Teatralnaya Square, in front of the Bolshio theatre, along Nikolskaya Street and in Tverskaya Square, in front of the City Hall.
Million visited and photographed the Architecture of Light installations and Valerio Festi was given the prestigious Best Design award.



Festino di Santa Rosalia – Trilogy


The most ancient “Baroque Festival” in the Mediterranean, to commemorate the liberation of Palermo from the plague following the discovery of the remains of the Palermo virgin-saint, Rosalia. Every year the festival re-enacts the plague and the city’s salvation showing the saint, the miracle and the angel in a open-air production on the night of the 14 July that crosses the whole city from the Norman Palace to the sea. Three years of Palermo on show. Three years of a different Festival. Three years of a cultural project designed for the city. An immense effort to give enormous joy. Hundreds of artists from all over Europe. Boats, flaming towers, magnificent floats, curtains of water and a giant firework display to celebrate the city of Palermo, with more than 500,000 participants.

Historic parade for San Nicholas


One of the largest and most important festivals kept alive in the Mediterranean, revitalised and presented as a parade, without changing the traditional content, dramatising the life of one of history’s most celebrated saints. A vivid pageant, enthusiastically followed by the inhabitants of Bari especially those from the old quarter of the city “Bari Vecchia”. An event exalting devotion to San Nicholas, the patron saint of Bari. 

850th anniversary of the foundation of Munich

Munich revue

An extraordinary parade recounting the whole history of the city. This event, repeated three times throughout the night, was watched by more than 250,000 spectators and marked the closure of three months of celebratory events. It was transmitted live by the Bayerischer Rundfunk throughout Germany.


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