Spectacular events

Spectacular events

The emotional impact created by machines and machinations, aerial dance, dramatization, words, bodies, music, images and fantastic devices, lingers on to leave a deep and lasting impression.

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The sky that dances

Seongnam-Corea and Singapore
This event, that had its debut at the Adelaide Festival 2006, toured the Far East stopping at the Singapore Night Festival to mark the opening of the National Museum and the Seongnam Art Festival.

Summer White Night


To mark the end of the school year, a huge festival in Gorky Park. A White Night, for all Muscovites. A host of events following the spectacular Prelude.

New Year’s Eve


Visually stunning in the night sky above Turin with Piazza San Carlo as the stage. Glorifying and celebrating the spirit of the city to open a festival devoted to dance as passion and communication On stage the diverse disciplines of aerial dance, actions narrating a story, devoted to flight, to dreaming. The sky of Turn was filled with visions merging the possible and impossibile, wonder and disbelief.

Festival of the Three Kings – Festa dos reis


A spectacular event, charged with sacred and secular history, based on the journey of the Magi. A complex infrastructure, large floats moving through the crowds, passed fixed and mobile stages and large video screens.


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