Walking in the clouds

The scene is not always confined to the stage, it breaks free. It is the palace of dreams where the person sitting in the shade of a tree in flames is ready to take wing and feast on the clouds. The scene we create is a theatre without walls where rites, ceremonies, celebrations, and stories take shape in gestures, movements and dances under the canopy of the night sky, held by the enchanted gaze of the onlookers. To stage means to create a fiction reality can’t do without. We give shape to amazing worlds without ever presenting a lie: lies are repetitions, but we create spectacles that are never to be repeated. There is no symbolic moment, historical event, private anniversary or public celebration that cannot find expression in the theatre of encounter, exchange and transformation. Our open-air performances offer a unique transformation of the setting, where the wings are monumental facades or flowing rivers and where the moon is never the same and even the clouds will, at a whim, scud across the stage.

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The sky that dances

Seongnam-Corea and Singapore
This event, that had its debut at the Adelaide Festival 2006, toured the Far East stopping at the Singapore Night Festival to mark the opening of the National Museum and the Seongnam Art Festival.

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Solitaria di Dio – 390° Festino di Santa Rosalia


For 390 years, in Palermo, a great scenic battle has taken place between good and evil, between life and death. In the evening of 14 July, the city wakes from its lethargy and starts to fight. Each strike is enthusiastic, committed, with a sense of belonging and a yearning for beauty. After the trials of blood and pestilence, light will triumph, the same light that illuminates the Foro Italico and that every soldier eager for peace, after the long journey down the Cassaro, Palermo’s most ancient street, will enjoy with his head held high.
The 390th Festino di Santa Rosalia, as in the past, was charged with emotional intensity, captured on video by Riccardo Lupo for Studio Festi by MyMoon.
This gives us the chance to see the spectacular all-female “Solitaria di Dio”, devised by the art director, Monica Maimone, where, among the many “Rosalie” thousands of beguiling faces of the Palermitani can be seen.

Summer White Night


To mark the end of the school year, a huge festival in Gorky Park. A White Night, for all Muscovites. A host of events following the spectacular Prelude.


The night, magic world of the dreams – International Sabanci Theater Festival


Opening celebration of the Turkish State Theatres Festival. On the water, in front of the Sabanci Merkez mosque, aerial and water performances animate the festival , inviting the whole city to take part in the celebrations that extend beyond the walls of the Adana Theatre.


Memories of water and of fire – International Sabanci Theater Festival


An event to mark the Theatres Festival. For the fourth consecutive year Valerio Festi created a magnificent display between the water and the sky above. Fire displays and dancing fountains filled the Seyhan river: fire and water, the two elements by now key to the celebrations in the Turkish city of Adana.


Le rideau se lève – Opening ceremony for the Arab capital of culture


For the opening ceremony of Damascus as Arab capital of culture, a firework concert was launched from the Quaisun hill. The display, with 1.6 million spectators, was the first chance the Syrian people had to take part in a large secular open-air celebration.


Sons et Lumières


As evening falls the sea at Portofino cradles the sun and our innermost dreams. On a calm May evening this moment stretches into a series of visions that transforms the rhythmic movement of the sea into a variegated, dreamy, and nostalgic dance, while the perfect line of the horizon dissolves the division between sky and sea, between the sky and us.


New Year’s Eve


Visually stunning in the night sky above Turin with Piazza San Carlo as the stage. Glorifying and celebrating the spirit of the city to open a festival devoted to dance as passion and communication On stage the diverse disciplines of aerial dance, actions narrating a story, devoted to flight, to dreaming. The sky of Turn was filled with visions merging the possible and impossibile, wonder and disbelief.




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