Firework displays

Firework displays

Musical partitas and explosions of light. All the fireworks at our concerts are designed specifically by highly trained artisans and by the best professionals in the field.

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Smart night – the city on the move


Piazza Maggiore was transformed into an open-air stage, where a variety of the city’s languages, dance, music, and performance intermingled wildly.
The event, devoted to the languages of the city, brought the latest and most avantgard expressions of an emerging urban culture to the attention of the Italian public. For the first time the most representative North American and African groups were included.

Le rideau se lève – Opening ceremony for the Arab capital of culture


For the opening ceremony of Damascus as Arab capital of culture, a firework concert was launched from the Quaisun hill. The display, with 1.6 million spectators, was the first chance the Syrian people had to take part in a large secular open-air celebration.

Lux gulgebit – Restoration of St Peter’s facade


In the presence of Papa Giovanni Paolo II, the Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, Valerio Festi and Myung-Whun Chung, conducting the Orchestra of the Accademia di Santa Cecilia, there was a magnificant firework display with all the splendour of a baroque festa to celebrate the restoration of the facade of St Peter’s. 100.000 spectators and an audience of 1.000.000 for live television.
100.000 spettatori e 1.000.000 l’audience della diretta televisiva.


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