Festive events

Festive events

Any celebration, whatever the time or place, whether for a large community or a small group, has the same requirements. The need for joy, for feeling united, for marking an occasion: the special ingredient we add is wonder and the surprise of the unexpected.

The night, magic world of the dreams – International Sabanci Theater Festival


Opening celebration of the Turkish State Theatres Festival. On the water, in front of the Sabanci Merkez mosque, aerial and water performances animate the festival , inviting the whole city to take part in the celebrations that extend beyond the walls of the Adana Theatre.

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Smart night – the city on the move


Piazza Maggiore was transformed into an open-air stage, where a variety of the city’s languages, dance, music, and performance intermingled wildly.
The event, devoted to the languages of the city, brought the latest and most avantgard expressions of an emerging urban culture to the attention of the Italian public. For the first time the most representative North American and African groups were included.

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Roma, città dell’acqua


On the summer solstice, more than 100,000 people took part in a festa in Piazza del Popolo, sponsored by Acea for the third year running. The event, set up on the slopes of the Pincio as it was the first time, presented the beauties of Rome and the fountains of the city.

Sons et Lumières


As evening falls the sea at Portofino cradles the sun and our innermost dreams. On a calm May evening this moment stretches into a series of visions that transforms the rhythmic movement of the sea into a variegated, dreamy, and nostalgic dance, while the perfect line of the horizon dissolves the division between sky and sea, between the sky and us.


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