On the evening of January 26, Cosenza celebrated the opening of the bridge over the river Crati, designed by Santiago Calatrava. The bridge recalls the forms of an “immense harp waiting for the wind which vibrate its strings”, white as a moonstone and waiting to see a future still to be built. It is dedicated to St. Francesco di Paola, as his cape and his staff it is made a pennant.

The pylon also stands out with the lightness of a wing-span.
Letizia Cirri, through her choreography, has chosen the air to draw figures in conflict with gravity. Along the one hundred and thirty meters of the archway, enormous dames of light paraded to remember the continuous flow that the bridge also represents.

Studio Festi’s project wanted to reappear the value of the bridge as the source of the imaginary, the intertwining of technique and culture that feeds its realization, its symbolic strength. A musical instrument, a traveling ship, a rainbow of signs, the bridge on the river Crati has in common with our poetic something simple, but decisive: it forces us to look upwards, to be driven further, invites you to surprise yourself.

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