Architecture of light

Architecture of light

We build multi-coloured cities as light as rainbows in the night sky. Magnificent light installations decorate and reinvent urban space to create buildings, arcades, facades, and pavilions. Fantastic projects for rational cities.

Robe Lumière – Galeries Lafayette


For more than two months Paris after dark was illuminated by the “Robe Lumière”, an original light project designed by Valerio Festi. While elsewhere streets were filled with standard Christmas decorations the Galeries Lafayette boasted a grand project, a luminous raiment that transformed the monumental shop façade into a magnificent costume gown, a work of magic. The Galeries Lafayette Light Architecture became an icon of the Paris Christmas, admired by millions.


An extraordinary display

373° Festino di Santa Rosalia – Villa Giulia

A splendid theatre of light was set up, reviving the baroque festive spirit, within the grounds of
Villa Giulia, and creating an unrivalled illumination for 373rd Festino di Santa Rosalia. A message of Light against the darkness of Plague whenever.

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The sun at midnight – Tokyo Millenario


A blaze of baroque light from a construction receiving light from light , the first sun of the new millennium. The sun of the third millennium: Tokyo’s gaze is fixed ever higher and ever further away.

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The light, the life


A display that conquered millions, devised by the creative genius of Valerio Festi. Lights, colour and sparkling embroideries, framed in a long tunnel that moves towards the east, towards the light, hope and life. The event was commemorated with a special edition of stamps. Valerio Festi’s light installations at Kobe was an event that over time acquired considerable communicative power as it transmitted an authentic message of rebirth. In only 14 days, for 4 hours a day, more than 7 million people walked though the geometrical lighting. People came from all over to see the display that transformed the city. The Kobe Illuminations gave tangible foundation to a new City ceremonial, the Memorial day, recognised by the local council and by the central government as a way of marking the city’s path to recovery after the earthquake.

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Journey to Christmas


In Moscow, for the first edition of the International Christmas Lights Festival, Valerio Festi designed three Architecture of Light installations in the streets and squares of the city centre: in Teatralnaya Square, in front of the Bolshoi theatre, along Nikolskaya Street and in Tverskaya Square, in front of the City Hall.
Million visited and photographed the Architecture of Light installations and Valerio Festi was given the prestigious Best Design award.


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