Aerial dance workshop with choreographer and dancer Brigitte Morel, founder of Motus Modules. From 20 to 26 August in the Festi atelier of Venegono Superiore (Varese), Brigitte Morel will keep an intensive aerobatic dance workshop in flight.

Workshop will be organized for two different levels of preparation *:
level 1 (from 20 to 22 August), for dancers and porteur to the first experience;
level 2 (from 23 to 26 August), advanced for dancers and already experienced porteur.
* The assignment of the level to which the members will access will be at the discretion of the Organization.
People who wish to propose their candidature for participation must complete the appropriate online form below and to attach a brief curriculum with photography.
It is obligatory to present a medical certificate of sound and robust constitution.
The minimum age for participation in the workshop is 16 years, the maximum of 30.
The payment is 120 euros for dancers and 80 euros for porteur.
The best of the participants can be selected for the future performances of the Festi Group
For more information and explanation:
telephone: 0332.820 216; 0332.212 631.
Brigitte Morel has a training of classical, contemporary and jazz dancer. She is an actress, singer, teacher. She worked in the ballet of the Opéra National du Rhin in Strasbourg, with Balanchine, S. Lifar, P. Schauffus, A. Gadès, C. Brumachon, etc.
In 1991 she signed the choreography of the “Krokos” video-dance, produced by M. Feltin, first award of the European Youth Festival in Hannover. In 1995 she was in the Les Elastonautes dance company and in the same year founded her own company, Motus Modules, with the aim of developing a personal research on weightless dance. Since then, each new show mixes dance, music and theater with originality, imposing its choreographic language suspended in that time between the earth and the sky.

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